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UNFORTUNATELY we experience some delays here. Please allow us some time to get all on the road. We will need at least a week after release date to have it all on the way...
A short overview what to expect during April.
presale:  12th of April (evening CET)
release: 16th of April
  • Kwade Droes - Met onoprechte deelneming
  • Wolvennest - Ritual MMXX (vinyl is sold out from us unfortunately)
  • Urfaust - Compilation Of Intoxications (vinyl is sold out from us unfortunately)
  • Urfaust - Teufelsgeist (sold out from us unfortunately)
  • Chapel Of Disease - ...and as we have... (re-press)
  • Sweven - The Eternal Resonance (re-press)
presale: ca. 16th of April
release: 30th of April
  • Erzfeynd / Rraaumm 7"
  • Fyrnask - VII - Kenoma
  • Mortifero - The Death Ballads

because of obvious problems and restrictions in logistic, production, infrastructure and general life caused by the virus and connected diseases, we mostlikely face some delays on everything.
The situation is unstable and changing every day, so please understand that we are not able to make any reliable estimations.
Thanks for understanding!

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